Women's History Month: Women-Owned Brands Making An Impact

Women's History Month: Women-Owned Brands Making an Impact

Women Pioneers Inspiring Change

Atlanta Market is celebrating these amazing women entrepreneurs that are not only dreamers but are doers. Learn how they are utilizing innovations to pave the way for so many others to follow in their footsteps. From amazing products inspired by the influence of those who came before them to products geared toward making an impactful difference in the lives of people today, get to know these wonderful women-owned brands.

Southern Art Co.

Created out of a mother and daughter's shared love for Southern staples, this Korean inspired spice brand is reimagining the flavors we all know and love. Southern Art Co. was developed by a mother born in South Korea who desired to blend her native flavors with that of her Georgia born daugher's favorite cuisines. During her daughter's time in college, she shipped homemade sauces and even frozen meats marinated in spices ensuring she'd always have a piece of home. Through popularity and constant requests from friends nearby, the mother daughter duo decided to bottle these sauces and spice blends thus birthing Southern Art Co. 

Mother & daughter founders of Southern Art Co

Wooden Spoon Herbs

Making quite the impact, this woman-owned brand, Wooden Spoon Herbs, has set out to craft herbal formulas created for true healing and restoration. After spending 3 years learning everything herbalism, from cellular biology to energetic flower essences to anatomy, physiology, and even phytochemistry, herbalist, Lauren Haynes, developed Wooden Spoon Herbs to bring her knowledge to the world and help us all in healing naturally. 

Herbalist & Founder of Wooden Spoon Herbs, Lauren Haynes


There's nothing like a mother's love but what's better are her care packages! This Indian inspired spice brand was developed from a mother and daughter's love for familiar cuisine from across the coast. What originally started out as PODI college care packages created to help bring her mother's Indian dishes to life quickly became a way of sharing Indian cuisine with the world. PODI Life's products consist of a blend of spices described as dry sauce blends that, unlike many spice blends, are ready to eat to help in experiencing delicious Indian inspired flavors with ease.

Mother & Daughter Founders of Podi Life


Bringing her homeland to us, Sophia Danner-Okotie, founder of Besida, connects the African diaspora to her Nigerian roots through a curated selection of handcrafted garments from Benin City, Nigeria. The profound impact of this woman-owned brand is found in Sophia's dedication to reducing her energy footprint while prioritizing ethically made garments in the age of fast fashion and consumer culture. Her dedication to bringing us sustainable and beautifully made garments creates an inspiring environment for others to follow in her footsteps.

Sophia Danner-Okotie , Founder of Besida

Ink + Alloy

This women-owned accessory brand is taking on the industry like none other with their unique pieces created to inspire and empower the spirit of wonder and exploration in women alike. Ink + Alloy, founded by Gretchen Hollingsworth, has become a pioneer in sustainable accessories with handmade pieces decorated in an array of vibrant colors. These fun and fashionable accessories are created to celebrate connectivity in a world that often feels so impersonal while bringing the excitement back into our wardrobes.

Gretchen Hollingsworth, Founder of Ink + Alloy

Boho Gal

On a mission to show that self-adornment is an act of self-care and celebration, that should be treated as an act of empowerment, this woman-owned jewelry brand has set out to redefine how we see jewelry. Created to celebrate Indian heritage through luxury, handcrafted pieces Boho Gal founder, Shahnaz Hughson, assures to make a powerful impact. Her ethical sourcing of materials for these special pieces creates a rewarding experience for consumers who love luxury but cherish simplicity and conscious consuming.

Shahnaz  Hughson, Founder of Boho Gal

Celebrate Women's History Month with us by leaving a comment on how these impactful women-owned small businesses may be inspiring you or share this with a friend so they may be inspired. Find more amazing small business owners at the button below.

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